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PATENTED Indoor® System

Established 1997. 
Swiss-Clean.com developed the Indoor® and the mobile systems which are now speading all over the world


Demo Demo



Mobile system producing on DEMAND and on SITE, up to 250 LT/H. 1 operator and working height till 20m

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Mobile system producing on DEMAND and on SITE, up to 600 LT/H. 3 operators simultanuesly and working height till 20m.

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Indoor System


The indoor was developed and sold as of 2010 in EU and in the USA, However, in 2011 a new system was PATENTED by Swiss-Clean.

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Find Us All Over The World

To Find your local distributor, send us an email to info@swiss-clean.com

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As the CEO of Swiss-Clean.com, I'm responsible for your success.

„Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success“

CEO, Max Stern

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I try to convert your business into an artwork of Cleaning experience.

„Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.“

CCO, Max Stern



75 percent of our clients are in cleaning business.



60 percent of our clients are from USA & EU.



100 percent of our products were tested over 24 months.



100 percent of our client are satisfied from our products.